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Hello, I am here to prove that there is one very simple way that life on Earth was created. This article can pertain to both the Christian religion and those of no religion what so ever.

I have recently realized through experience some science teachers in public and/or non-religious schools are forced to teach that the earth was created through The Big Bang Theory and that humans were created through that theory or the theory that we evolved from Apes. I understand that some of the teachers believe this and some don’t. I know that some are Christians and/or have Christian beliefs. I think that it is wrong for them to teach that when they don’t necessarily believe it. So in the article below I will be proving that there is only one true way and/or timing of the universes creation. You might be wondering, are you a Christian? Yes, I am, however that has nothing to do with the article written below.

If you have even started to read the bible, you will know that the first book, Genesis talks about how the universe was created. The book of Genesis says that it took the Lord 7 days, from his perspective, to create the universe. However, most Atheists believe it took around 7000 years with the big bang theory and a god wasn’t existing and/or had nothing to do with it.

But in 2 Peter 3:8 it very clearly states:

“But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day.”

So, if you or I were there it would seem like it took approximately 7000 years to us, but in God’s eyes it only took 7 days.

I believe that there is only one time frame and Christians believe it exactly like God said it, but Atheists believe it seeing through a human beings eyes.

I haven’t gathered my evidence enough for a solution as to how it was created that would suit both a Christian and an Atheist reader. I Will post those at a later date.

For more information feel free to watch “The Case of the Creator,” documentary on YouTube by Lee Strobel.

The link for the documentary:

Thank You for reading.


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Book Review: Soldier X by Don Wulffson

Soldier X is a great war story. It takes place in present day ,but the narrator/main character tells the story as it happened back over 50 years ago. The main characters name is Erik Brandt. He is German and is fighting for the German army when he is injured and trades clothes with a dead Russian who is almost an exact look alike. He sneaks away to a Russian hospital because he is badly injured. When he awakes from his surgeries and medicines,he acts as though he has amnesia. He acts as if he has no idea who is he. He meets a lovely nurse who is in deep pain due to a loss of several family members. He helps her cope and she believes he is Russian  until something bad happens and he curses  in German. She wonders what is up and as the hospital gets invaded, Tamara, the nurse and X AKA Erik have to escape and head  to America. They have a rough journey and will they make it there safely together ? Read to find out!!

Bible Study 3-10-15

In Jesus Calling, Jesus is saying that if we stay on his road we will have a much easier life. Just like when you learn to drive it makes traveling a road a lot easier. Jesus is our car and he wants us to have an easy ride. We know that the final destination is the mighty gates of heaven. Just like on a road trip we can’t wait to arrive at our destination. We mostly enjoy the road trip even though there are some bumps and potholes. We are very excited when we get to the destination. We all want to get to heaven , but we can’t get a get-in-free card. We have to earn it God gives us certain guidelines in the bible that are our street laws on how to arrive at our destination, like a map.

Prayer:Dear Lord,

Please help us find the road and stay on it. Lord we know we make mistakes but we are so thankful that you are always there to forgive us and help us back on the road.

cross                                             In Your Name We Pray ,